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General Home Inspection

Call for pricing on four unit plus buildings, commercial buildings and for all properties larger than 2000 sq. ft.

Single family houses $950
Two and three family houses $1200
Condo or Coop Apartment, studios and one bedroom $525
Condo or Coop Apartment, two and three bedrooms $625
Condo or Coop Apartment, Large and Multi-Level $725

Special Home Inspection Services

  • FLIR infrared inspections: included in all inspections
  • Termite inspection: included in all inspections
  • Lead paint testing (onsite test): $25 per swab when conducted during a home inspection.
  • Asbestos lab testing (7 days required for lab results): $150 per sample
  • Soil testing; Lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and chromium.  Full laboratory testing service with interpretive analysis.  (7 days required for lab results) Cost $450.
  • Water testing for lead, $95.