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General Home Inspection

Single family house $650
Two family house $800
Three family building $950
Condo or Coop apartment, studio to 1 BR $475
Condo or Coop Apartment, two and three bedrooms $575
Condo or Coop Apartment, Large and Multi-Level $675
Four plus family building and commercial Call for pricing: 917-494-8474

Special Home Inspection Services

  • FLIR infrared inspections: included in all inspections
  • Termite inspection: included in all inspections
  • First mold sample test: $175 for first sample
  • Additional samples: $75 per sample
  • Lead paint testing (onsite test): $85 per sample
  • Radon gas testing (passive onsite test): $115
  • Asbestos lab testing (10 lab days required): $85 per sample